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Clients often ask me what they should wear to their photo shoot, especially family sessions.  The good news is there are no rules!  My number one suggestion is something you feel comfortable in!  If you don't feel amazing when you look in the mirror then you probably aren't going to feel amazing when you look at your photo. With that being said, there are a few tips I'd like to go over that may help you in the decision making process when it comes to wardrobe selection during your next session. 


First things first.... are we playing inside or outside?  If you are planning on doing an outdoor shoot especially in nature it's generally best if you use a solid or lightly patterned wardrobe.  Scenery is generally quite busy which can make it an amazing place to play with photography.  If your clothing is super busy also then sometimes you can experience a bit of a visual overload.  Make sure to think about the destination and whether or not busy patterns will potentially cause an issue (ex. a high foliage canyon may require a solid shirt but a sand dune shoot could definitely withstand something busy and fun.)

On the flip side a studio shoot can be used to display your most creative items!  Again, there are no rules!  Think about what your perfect portrait looks like in your mind and try to go with it.  Your photographer will also be able to shed some light on best suggestions based on location.


Do you have littles in attendance?  PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY ARE COMFORTABLE!  It's always fun to dress our kids up but if they are miserable during an awkward situation they will most likely not cooperate which is super stressful especially for parents.  They also don't necessarily have to match each other or mom and dad.  Everyone should wear something that represents who they are rather than who they want to be (or who you want them to be).  Ask your photographer about a creative session to dress up or theme your shoot.  Being in a super hero mindset should have it's own super hero session.


Makeup or no makeup? The image above is clearly a stretch but this again comes down to a personal preference and final product goal.  If you're a makeup wearer and want that glamorous, dolled up look then make sure you apply your makeup more dramatically.  We can always enhance in editing but the camera has a tendency to downplay makeup.  If you're going for a very natural feel then definitely keep things on the subtle side.  There's no right and wrong here as long as you feel beautiful!


Jewelry & Accessories - Wear what fits and compliments your shoot and clothing.  Large pieces and super sparkly items can be a challenge to manage but can add some incredible depth to your photos.  Just make sure you and your photographer are paying attention to placement during your shoot.  There's nothing worse than getting an amazing shot and having a dangling earing crunched between your ear and shoulder.  Notice the necklace in the little girls photo being tucked beneath her arm.  Luckily it's not overly distracting here but it's technically a photography fail.  The headpiece in the model is also off center.  In comparison the last photo has a very long necklace placed to be seen but still in a natural way.  Little details make big impacts so please keep them in mind during your decision making process.

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When Two Lives Become One One of the most exciting times for me as a photographer is when people come to me and ask me to capture the most important days of their lives.  Graduations, new babies.... there are so many incredible moments but none greater than marriage. 

Through all of the chaos we get to complete the journey with pure joy.  Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Richey!  We are so lucky to have been part of your day and look forward very much to working with you again in the future!

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